The most humbling experience I have had outside of being a mom, was creating an incredible butterfly garden from seeds and eventuality going through several season’s caring for butterfly babies from egg to death. My butterfly art honors this experience.

Abby’s Eden

Mixed Media Sculpture

13 x 17

She was our first butterfly born and bred in our garden. She came back to reproduce and then she passed. This piece has all the chrysalis from that season, flowers from the garden and finally, our Abby.

Butterfly Bones

Mixed Media Sculpture

16 x 13 with Shadowbox

Do butterflies have bones?

Within the tapestry of the mind’s eye, an image both striking and surreal takes flight—a butterfly made of skulls, an embodiment of delicate beauty entwined with the eerie and macabre. This enigmatic concept flits through realms of art, literature, and creative expression, weaving a juxtaposition of life and death, beauty, and darkness into the very fabric of imagination.

Its form, like any butterfly, carries grace and intricacy, with wings that trace curving lines, exuding a sense of ethereal loveliness. Yet, instead of vibrant hues and patterns, its wings are composed of a myriad of small skulls, interconnected like whispers in the wind.

Each skull varies in size and shape, reminiscent of human or animal remains, rendered with artistic mastery that captures both realism and the fantastical. Shades of gray or sepia may cloak this butterfly of skulls, deepening the somber and introspective aura that envelops its essence.


In the Light

In the union of the butterfly and the skulls lies a profound symbolism, a dance of contrasts that stirs the soul. The butterfly, emblematic of transformation and beauty, flutters in harmony with the skulls, symbols of mortality and the finality of existence. The very fabric of life and death intertwines, revealing the cyclical nature of existence and the notion that beauty can be found even in the shadowed recesses of life.

In the Dark

Dr. Harmony
Author: Dr. Harmony

My roles are numerous. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Sex Therapist by trade and an Artist and Activist by passion. I am a Wife, Partner, and Mother. To some, I am a Muse. I am not a Robot.

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