Mythical Creatures
John Osterman

John Osterman

John Osterman

Mixed Media 16 oz Stash Jar

11 x 6 x 6

In the desolate outskirts of a hidden laboratory, a peculiar experiment took an unexpected turn. Dr. Everett, an eccentric and reclusive scientist, was toying with the boundaries of human consciousness, seeking to create the ultimate sentient being. In a fateful accident, the experiment went awry, and John Osterman was born into existence – a brain and tentacle monster, unlike anything the world had ever seen.

From the moment of his creation, John was an anomaly. He had the intellect of a genius, but his actions were anything but refined. He was silly, funny, and oh-so-clumsy, stumbling over his tentacles as if he had just learned to walk. A far cry from the sinister monsters of lore, John’s personality was a jumble of playful innocence and offbeat humor.

As he explored the world outside the lab, John quickly discovered that he didn’t quite fit in. The creatures he encountered were either terrified of him or laughed at his antics. But John didn’t let their judgment dampen his spirits. Instead, he embraced his uniqueness and set out on a quest to find his place in this strange and bewildering world.

But the world outside the circus wasn’t always so accepting. The sinister forces that thrived on conformity and order sought to capture John and exploit his unique abilities. They saw him as a threat to the status quo, an unsettling reminder that not everything could be neatly categorized.

In a climactic showdown, John and his circus family banded together to fight for their freedom and the right to be different. They showed the world that sometimes, it’s the most unconventional beings who possess the most profound wisdom and kindness.

As the dust settled, John Osterman emerged as a symbol of the power of individuality and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. No longer just a brain and tentacle monster, he became a beacon of hope for those who felt like they didn’t belong.

In a world that often prized darkness and destruction, John Osterman stood as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary things are born out of the most unexpected mishaps. And in the end, it was the silly, funny, and clumsy brain and tentacle monster who left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who knew him, challenging the norm and daring to be different in the most wonderful way.

Despite his awkward exterior, John possessed a kind and compassionate heart. He couldn’t bear to see anyone in distress and would go to great lengths to cheer them up. He used his peculiar abilities to create mesmerizing light shows, illuminating the night skies with a kaleidoscope of colors, hoping to bring joy to those around him. His journey led him to an underground circus, where he met a troupe of misfits and outcasts, each one harboring their own secrets. They welcomed John with open arms, embracing his quirkiness and making him feel like he belonged for the first time in his life.

As John became an integral part of the circus, he learned the art of performance and discovered his hidden talent for comedy. He would juggle his tentacles, dance wildly, and tell jokes that were so cheesy they left everyone in stitches.

Dr. Harmony
Author: Dr. Harmony

My roles are numerous. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Sex Therapist by trade and an Artist and Activist by passion. I am a Wife, Partner, and Mother. To some, I am a Muse. I am not a Robot.

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