Captain Wolf


Picture a unique pirate-themed wall hanging crafted from salvaged garbage and a repurposed boat helm steering wheel after the Gasparilla Parade. Aptly named “Captain Wolf,” this one-of-a-kind creation exudes a rugged charm. Salvaged materials, including weathered wood and discarded items, are artfully assembled to form a maritime-inspired masterpiece.


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Aptly named “Captain Wolf,” this one-of-a-kind creation exudes a rugged charm.

Picture a unique pirate-themed wall hanging. Now visualize it cleverly crafted from salvaged parade garbage and a repurposed boat helm steering wheel. 

Ship Salvage 

The salvaged boat helm takes center stage. Thus, serving as both a focal point and a nod to the parade’s nautical theme. Mixed media elements such as rusty chains, sea-worn ropes, and fragments of pirate-themed artifacts contribute to the wall hanging’s textured and eclectic appearance. Thus, provoking the viewer to speak in the tongue of pirates.

Dance of Light

As dusk falls, the wall hanging comes to life with a subtle glow in the dark. Thus, adding a mystical and captivating dimension. “Captain Wolf” stands as a symbol of creativity born from discarded elements. I also, embodies the spirit of repurposing and transforming waste into art. Therefore, it not only pays homage to Gasparilla’s pirate legacy but also serves as a testament to sustainable craftsmanship and the allure of the seas.

The Gasparilla Project

Gasparilla Season in Tampa Bay is an annual celebration centered around the mythical pirate Jose Gaspar. Kicking off with the Gasparilla Children’s Parade and followed by the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, it spans several weeks of festivities. The highlight is the Invasion, where a fully-rigged pirate ship, the Jose Gasparilla, “invades” Tampa Bay, unleashing a lively flotilla.

The event culminates in a vibrant parade along Bayshore Boulevard, featuring pirate-themed floats, marching bands, and the flamboyant and costumed “Krewe” participants. Revelers don pirate attire, creating a festive and communal atmosphere throughout the city. Gasparilla Season captures the spirit of Tampa’s maritime history, blending swashbuckling revelry with community engagement, making it one of Florida’s most iconic and beloved traditions.

Reviving Pirate Legends: Abstract Totems in Art

“The Gasparilla Project” breathes new life into pirate lore through abstract totems and sculptures. Crafted from repurposed items found post-parade, each piece pays homage to Tampa Bay’s iconic Gasparilla celebration.

A Fusion of Found Objects and Creative Expression

In this collection, artists meld repurposed materials with boundless creativity to evoke the spirit of Gasparilla. Copper, resin, and reclaimed items converge to create captivating sculptures and canvases. Each piece telling its own tale of adventure and revelry.

Transitioning from Festivity to Artistry: A Transformation

From the chaos of celebration emerges a transcendent narrative, woven through the collection’s diverse mediums. Sculptures stand tall as guardians of tradition, while canvases capture fleeting moments of joy and intrigue.

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