The Alchemist Artist

The Alchemist Artist

My art isn’t just for your eyes, it’s an entire sensory experience

Traditionally art has been meant to be explored by your eyes from a distance. My art feverishly breaks the fourth wall and demands to be touched and explored. Sit with my pieces in the dark and use your black light pen to discover new images or messages, draw on them like a zen garden, and drift into a meditative zone exploring your little slice of the universe.

I use a variety of mediums including resin, sand, latex, wood, mica, paints, fire, ice and so much more. I am more likely to need a lab bench than an art studio when I am creating and much like Marie Curie’s work, my art also glows under various lights and seems almost radioactive.

The purpose of my art is to create a tool that provides someone a grounding, soothing, memorizing far out trippy experience.

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