Charm Me Pendant B 1


A distinctive glow-in-the-dark pendant crafted from a unique blend of mixed media.

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Galactic Radiance: A Fusion of Resin and Mica

Immerse yourself in a celestial dance with my pendant collection, where resin and mica meld to create luminous cosmic artworks. The fusion of these mixed media elements results in pendants that capture the essence of galaxies, each piece becoming a miniature universe on its own.

Luminescent Allure: Glow-in-the-Dark Elegance

Experience the enchantment of glow-in-the-dark elegance as these pendants come alive in the darkness. The ethereal glow adds a transformative element, turning the galactic-themed creations into radiant beacons. It’s a visual spectacle that seamlessly combines artistry with luminescence.

Cosmic Horror and Intricate Details

Delve into the realm of cosmic horror within the collection, where some pendants feature skulls and wings. The infusion of dark elements adds an intriguing contrast to the celestial themes, creating a captivating narrative within each pendant. Explore the duality of beauty and cosmic mystery.

Nature’s Touch: Dried Flowers in Cosmic Harmony

Discover a harmonious blend of nature and the cosmos with pendants adorned with dried flowers. Each delicate bloom becomes a celestial accent, enhancing the galactic narrative. The juxtaposition of the ethereal glow, mixed media composition, and dried flowers elevates these pendants to wearable works of art.

Artistry Unveiled: Copper Wire Weaving

Witness the meticulous artistry in the copper wire weaving that embellishes each pendant. The active intertwining of copper wire adds a dynamic element, creating intricate patterns that enhance the overall design. The craftsmanship ensures that every pendant is not just an accessory but a finely crafted piece of wearable art.


Step into the cosmic realm of wearable art with my pendant collection. From the luminous fusion of resin and mica to the transformative glow, each piece captures the allure of galaxies. Embrace the cosmic horror narrative with skulls and wings, and experience the delicate beauty of dried flowers harmonizing with celestial themes. The artistry of copper wire weaving ensures that each pendant is a unique expression of cosmic elegance. Elevate your style and carry a piece of the universe with you.

This item comes complete with complimentary shipping, a mini black light, and a jewelry buffing cloth, making it a distinctive and versatile accessory.


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