Connie’s Family Jewels


Envision a stunning and unique art piece, a chain made of intricate chainmail and adorned with brass and gemstones. This piece serves as a symbolic representation of all the conquests of Connie, the Hormone Monster, within the context of the animated series.

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Connie’s Family Jewels

Family Jewels 

Connie’s Family Jewels’ chainmail forms a strong and flexible foundation, echoing the complexity and interwoven relationships in the character’s narrative. Brass elements contribute to the overall aesthetic, providing both strength and a touch of vintage elegance. Interspersed among the links are carefully selected gemstones, each representing a significant encounter or conquest in Connie’s journey.


The arrangement of gemstones creates a visual narrative, with varying colors and sizes symbolizing the diversity of experiences. This one-of-a-kind art piece is not only a testament to the character’s complexity but also an artistic exploration of relationships, connections, and the multifaceted nature of human interactions.

Wear or Display

Displayed as a unique sculpture or wearable art, this chain becomes a conversation piece that invites viewers to contemplate the intricate web of relationships portrayed in the animated series, offering both visual appeal and thematic depth.

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