Coy Pond Clutch


This exclusive koi pond clutch seamlessly blends tranquility with fashion, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory. An individualized 7 inch round mixed-media clutch purse, meticulously crafted to emit a therapeutic glow in the dark. With a primary composition of resin and mica, each handbag stands as a unique masterpiece, doubling as a convenient and soothing accessory.


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The Coy Pond Clutch isn’t just a fashion accessory; it’s a tool for managing social anxiety at events or during awkward dates. We use light and texture intentionally to achieve this.


Each piece emits a captivating glow under black light and in the dark. It’s rechargeable by sunlight or a UV flashlight. The included mini UV light allows for creative expression, letting you draw pictures on the handbag and enjoy the dynamic interplay of colors and light.


We pay meticulous attention to creating interesting and soothing tactile experiences. Each handbag incorporates a variety of lumpy, sharp, and smooth areas.

The Coy Pond Clutch Package:

This item includes a chain, complimentary shipping, a mini black light, a storage bag, the distinctive Alchemist Artist Signature Charm, and a jewelry buffing cloth.

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