Cu Nip Slip Clutch


Envision an extraordinary one-of-a-kind art piece – a fashionable clutch purse that pushes the boundaries of both style and artistry. Bathed in a mesmerizing copper hue, this unique creation takes on the form of an edgy and therapeutic masterpiece that subtly resembles the contour of a breast.

As darkness falls, the clutch comes to life with a captivating glow in the dark, adding an element of mystique to its distinctive design. Beyond its avant-garde appearance, this handcrafted accessory aims to be therapeutic, offering a unique blend of fashion and comfort.


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One of a Kind

“Cu Nip Slip Clutch”  ia an individualized mixed media purse, meticulously crafted to emit a therapeutic glow in the dark. With a primary composition of resin, modeling clay, and mica, each handbag stands as a unique masterpiece. It also doubles as an anxiety soothing accessory. Thus, making this fashion statement even sexier. 

Zen Out

Alchemist Artist handbags not only exude fashion but also function as grounding tools for managing social anxiety. Therefore, your next event or awkward date can become just slightly less sucky. The artist intentionally incorporates both light and texture to achieve this purpose.

When you start feeling a little anxious, simply pull out the UV light included with your clutch. The mini UV light fosters creative expression, enabling you to draw pictures on the handbag. As you become captivated by the dynamic interplay of colors and light, your mind begins to soothe.

Recognizing the significance of texture as a grounding tool, the artist meticulously pays attention to creating interesting and soothing tactile experiences. Thus, each handbag incorporates a variety of lumpy, sharp, and smooth areas. What may be perceived as an imperfection is likely intentional by the artist.


Cu Nip Slip Clutch emits a captivating glow under black light and in the dark. Additionally, it is rechargeable by sunlight or a UV flashlight. 

This item comes complete with a chain, complimentary shipping, a mini black light, a storage bag, the distinctive Alchemist Artist Signature Charm, and a jewelry buffing cloth.

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