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The Care and Feeding of Your Art Piece

The Care and Feeding of Your Art Piece


All of the canvas pieces can be wiped off with a damp soft cloth with some dish soap.


Our art that is designed to interact with different types of light sources to create different visual effects throughout the day and night. This is often referred to as “light-sensitive” or “photochromic” art. Here’s a bit more information about how this type of art typically works:

  1. UV Light: Many light-sensitive artworks react to ultraviolet (UV) light. When exposed to UV light, these artworks may change color, become more vibrant, or reveal hidden patterns.
  2. Sunlight: Natural sunlight often contains UV rays, which can trigger the reactions in light-sensitive art. When placed in an area with natural sunlight, the artwork can exhibit its daytime appearance.
  3. Twilight Effect: As the sun sets and the natural light diminishes, the artwork might transition into a “twilight” phase. This phase can be characterized by subtle changes in color or brightness.
  4. Night Glow: Once it’s completely dark, some light-sensitive art pieces may continue to emit a soft, glowing effect. This is often achieved with phosphorescent or luminescent materials that absorb light during the day and release it slowly in the form of visible light at night.

Overall, this type of art can create a dynamic and visually engaging experience as it responds to changing lighting conditions. It’s essential to place such artwork strategically to maximize its interaction with natural light and create the desired effects.

For your best results

All the artworks have the unique ability to react to UV light, sunlight, or a black light source. To achieve the most captivating twilight effect, I suggest displaying your art in a location where it can bask in natural sunlight during the day. As the sun sets, your piece will transition into a twilight-like appearance, and when night descends, it will emit a mesmerizing night glow.

or you can use a UV or blacklight wand. I recommend the follwing.


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