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Digital Art
The Shoggath Project

The Shoggath Project

Shoggath entered our world a few years ago and was our family COVID baby. She owns us all.

The Shoggath and Her Favorite Button

Honoring Feline Majesty: The Shoggath Legacy in Art

“The Shoggath Project” pays homage to the brilliance and personality of a cherished family cat. Through mixed media sculptures and digital art pieces, the collection immortalizes The Shoggath’s captivating presence and spirit.

A Fusion of Creativity and Affection: Crafting Artistic Tributes

In this collection, artists blend creativity with affection to craft unique tributes to The Shoggath. Transitioning from physical to digital mediums, each piece captures a facet of the feline’s charm and character.

Elevating Feline Majesty: A Celebration Through Art

As viewers engage with the collection, they are invited into The Shoggath’s world, where whimsy and wonder abound. Through art, the legacy of her is elevated, inspiring admiration and affection in all who behold it.

Inviting Connection: A Bond Through Artistic Expression

Viewers are encouraged to connect with Her essence through the collection’s diverse art forms. From sculptures that capture her graceful form to digital art pieces that convey her playful spirit, each artwork fosters a deeper bond between viewer and cat.

Perpetuating Legacy: The Shoggath’s Influence in Art

This art series perpetuates the legacy of a beloved family member, immortalizing her brilliance and personality through the enduring medium of art.

Digital Art

The Shoggath

The Shoggath

Little Miss

Little Miss Shoggath
Little Miss Book Cover





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