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The Whistleblower Project

The Whistleblower Project

The Whistleblower Project exposes societal injustices through mixed-media sculptures and wall canvases. Crafted with resin and mica, these pieces become a tactile narrative, shedding light on the abuse and disposal of individuals. The series is not mere observation; it’s an invitation to touch, explore, and play with the stark realities of the whistleblower’s journey.

Transitioning seamlessly between sculptures and canvases, The Whistleblower Project immerses observers in the harsh realities of mistreatment. Fingers trace the textured surfaces, unraveling the stories of those who dared to expose wrongdoing. The interactive glow serves as a guiding light, transforming each touch into a visceral connection with the whistleblower’s struggle.

The tactile experience is vital in The Whistleblower Project, where observers actively engage with the stark truth. The glow intensifies with each touch, emphasizing the urgency of understanding and addressing the abuse highlighted by whistleblowers.

The whistleblower, a beacon of truth in The Whistleblower Project, becomes the focal point of this intense exploration. Each sculpture and canvas captures the essence of their courageous journey, merging artistry with the visceral experience of confronting societal injustices. Through this series, The Whistleblower Project transcends traditional boundaries, urging everyone to engage empathetically with the radiant, impactful creations.

In this immersive encounter, this series transforms observers into advocates for justice. The sculptures and canvases, glowing in the dark, offer a powerful exploration of the whistleblower’s plight, inviting all to reflect on the societal issues they bring to light. The interactive elements enhance the urgency, compelling observers to delve into the visceral, thought-provoking narratives unveiled by the whistleblower’s journey.

The Whistleblower

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

Whistleblowers in the light
The Whistleblower in the light
Whistleblowers under a blacklight
Under a blacklight
The Whistleblower glowing in the dark
Glowing in the dark
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