Artemis 1 Sculpture


Envision an awe-inspiring moon sculpture, measuring 18 inches in diameter, crafted with Mixed Media Resin, Plaster, and Mica on Wood. This three-dimensional masterpiece intricately captures the lunar surface, offering a mesmerizing representation of the moon. What sets this sculpture apart is its enchanting ability to glow in the dark, transforming any space into a celestial wonder.

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Functional Art 

Adding to its allure, Artemis 1 serves a dual purpose as a lazy susan, allowing it to gracefully spin with a simple touch. The textures of the lunar surface are nothing short of amazing. Therefore, providing a tactile experience that accentuates the intricate details of craters and ridges. This multifaceted creation seamlessly blends artistry, functionality, and a touch of celestial magic. Thus, creating a magical experience for the viewer. 

Transcending Moon 

Imagine a moon sculpture that transcends traditional art boundaries. It is a captivating masterpiece that not only glows in the dark but also serves as an interactive sanctuary for moments of anxiety. Its surface, designed for soothing touch, becomes a grounding experience, offering comfort in times of stress. Thus, making this more than just a piece of art. It is a tool for your mind. 

Artemis 1 Secrets

This interactive art piece conceals a world of hidden wonders. When explored with a black light, secret images come to life, creating an enchanting journey of discovery. Each touch and exploration of this moon sculpture becomes a tactile and visual adventure, providing solace and uncovering hidden treasures in the darkness. Carrying a therapeutic essence, this moon sculpture goes beyond aesthetics, transforming into a personal haven for introspection and relaxation. It is not just a piece of art; it’s an immersive and comforting experience, waiting to be explored and embraced in moments of need.


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