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The Big Mouth Project

The Big Mouth Project

Whimsical Portraits: Sculpting Big Mouth Project Characters

Delve into the whimsical realm of “The Big Mouth Project” characters meticulously sculpted in mixed media. From a mouth bowl with baby sperms to a brass necklace adorned with penis charms, each piece captures the essence of the animated TV show’s quirky personalities. Thus, honoring the creativity of the writers, animators, and voice actors.

Maury’s Mask: Hormone Monster Unleashed

Encounter the irreverent with Maury’s Mask, a bold portrayal of the hormone monster. This mixed media creation unleashes the audacious spirit of Maury, thus, breathing life into his mischievous charm. The mask serves as a dynamic centerpiece, embodying the show’s distinctive humor.

Maury the Hormone Monster

16 x 15 inch Mixed Media Sculpture Mask

Captivating Details: Sculpting Intimacy

Explore the captivating details woven into each sculpture, sculpting intimacy with precision. The Big Mouth Project goes beyond the surface, infusing the characters with depth and charm. therefore, every curve, contour, and feature contributes to the series’ ability to elicit laughter and intrigue. Overall, this series allows one you to carry the humor of the show to a whole other level.


8 x 10 Mixed Media Sculpture Bowl

Big Mouth with Sperm
Big Mouth with Sperm

Wholly Original: A Unique Homage to The Big Mouth Series

Celebrate a wholly original homage to Big Mouth through this art series. The sculptures offer a fresh perspective on the animated universe, elevating the characters from the screen to a tangible and immersive form of art. Thus, series stands as a testament to the creative spirit inspired by the show.

Dynamic Composition: Bringing Characters to Life

Witness the dynamic composition that breathes life into the Big Mouth characters. The series transcends traditional sculpture, creating an interactive experience that resonates with fans of the show. Therefore, the pieces invites viewers to connect with the animated personalities in a tangible and amusing manner.

Maury’s Penis

12 x 8 inch Mixed Media Sculpture

Maurie’s Magnum Opus: Sculpture of Audacity

Marvel at Maurie’s Magnum Opus, a sculpture that fearlessly explores audacity. From Maurie’s distinctive anatomy to his pet spermies, this mixed media masterpiece encapsulates the show’s uninhibited humor. Thus, your inner adolescent will snicker when encountering these pieces. The sculpture becomes a bold celebration of Big Mouth’s boundary-pushing narrative. Additionally, penises are always funny.

Connie’s Family Jewels

15 x 9 (with stand) Chain is @ 26 inches Necklace with Charms Multi Metal and Stone

Charmmail Chronicles: Connie’s Conquests

Embark on a journey through Connie’s conquests with the Charmmail and brass necklace. This unique piece showcases penis charms that narrate the hormone monster’s exploits. Therefore, each charm tells a story, offering a playful and cheeky perspective on Connie’s adventures.

Connie's Jewels close up
More Charms
Back Jewel
More Charms
Big Mouth Project
Other Charms
Big Mouth Project
The Big Mouth Project
Charm Close Up

Indulge your inner child

In conclusion, “The Big Mouth Project” will tickle your inner child and amuze your adult self. Make sure to take your time enjoying these pieces and afterwards, revisit the show.

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