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The Dragon Project

The Dragon Project

Mystical Sculptures Unleashed

Step into a realm of mythical wonder with The Dragon Project series. These captivating mixed-media sculptures, crafted with resin, plaster, and mica, breathe life into abstract dragon forms, creating a mesmerizing display of fantasy and luminescence.

Dragon-Inspired Wall Canvases

Transform your space with Dragon Project wall canvases. The dynamic interplay of resin and mica captures the essence of dragons, bringing an otherworldly allure to your walls. Each canvas is a portal to a mythical realm, enticing with its abstract depiction.

Sister’s Dracorex Ignifera

10 x 16 inch Mixed Media Sculpture Tray

Sister's Dracorex Ignifera in the light
In the light
Sister's Dracorex Ignifera glowing in the dark
Glowing in the dark

Fashion Accessories Ablaze

Elevate your style with Dragon Project fashion accessories. Active voices converge in the creation of these unique pieces, forging a connection between fashion and mythical allure. The use of mixed media ensures that each accessory is not just an adornment but a statement.

Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis

Mixed Media Sculpture

Inspired by “Pete’s Dragon” from my childhood and the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter Paul and Mary. I listened to that on my record player until I wore the vynal out.

Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis Before he got stoned
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis Before he got stoned

Glowing Dragon Magic

As daylight fades, experience the glowing magic of dragons. The Dragon Project series not only captivates with its abstract beauty but transforms into a luminescent spectacle after dark. The glowing elements within each piece illuminate the mythical essence of dragons.

Active Engagement with Myth

Venture beyond conventional depictions with these abstract dragon forms. The active voice in their creation invites viewers to engage actively with the mythical narrative, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional representations.

Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis From Top Front
Top Front
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis From Front Side
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis From Top

Transcendent Fashion Narratives

Traverse the Dragon Project series and follow a transcendent narrative through fashion. From the intricate details of dragon-inspired accessories to the ethereal glow of mythical canvases, each piece becomes a guide through the ever-changing moods and styles of the mythical realm.

Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis From Top
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis From Top
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis Close Up
Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis Close Up

Abstract Echoes of Fantasy

While abstract, the series retains echoes of fantastical dragon elements. Iconic features emerge in unexpected ways, prompting viewers to discern the mythical creatures through a fresh lens. The active voice in this reinterpretation sparks curiosity and resonates with a sense of otherworldly fantasy.

Dracorex Ignifera Cuntis

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

Dracorex Ignifera
Dracorex Ignifera
Dracorex Ignifera glowing in the dark
Dracorex Ignifera glowing in the dark

Nocturnal Dialogue with Dragons

As the night unfolds, these abstract dragon forms engage in a nocturnal dialogue with fantasy. The glowing elements not only add visual appeal but also create an ambiance that encourages a deeper connection with the art. It’s a conversation that echoes in the serene moments of darkness.

Dracorex Ignifera Video

Dynamic Mythical Narratives

Each piece in the Dragon Project series narrates a dynamic story of mythical allure. The transitions, the glow, the abstract forms – all come together to tell tales of fantasy. It’s an active storytelling through art, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with the ever-evolving portrayal of dragons.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Harmony Dragon Clutch Cover
Harmony Dragon Clutch Cover


In the luminescent embrace of our Dragon Project series, mythical creatures find a new voice. These mixed-media sculptures, wall canvases, and fashion accessories redefine the way we perceive and experience the allure of dragons. With their glowing allure and dynamic narratives, each piece invites you to participate actively in the mesmerizing story of mythical creatures.

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