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The Climate Chaos Project

The Climate Chaos Project

Abstract Interpretations of a Planet in Peril

Artists behind “Climate Crisis” depict the urgent realities of environmental upheaval. Through a fusion of resin, copper, and mica, each canvas and sculpture embodies the chaos and fragility of our ecosystems.

Polar Climate Chaos

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica Sculpture

Climate Chaos from top view
Close up top view

Diverse Mediums Echoing Nature’s Complexity

In a symphony of colors and textures, the Climate Chaos collection articulates the profound interconnectedness of all life forms. Resin swirls mimic turbulent weather patterns, while copper accents symbolize humanity’s imprint on the Earth.

Climate Chaos from top side view
CTop side view

Transcending Boundaries Through Mixed Media Mastery

From canvas to sculpture, the artists seamlessly blend materials, transcending conventional artistic boundaries. Mica flakes shimmer like melting ice, evoking a poignant reflection on the rapid pace of climate change.

Evolving Narratives of Resilience and Despair

With each piece, the viewer is confronted with narratives of both resilience and despair. Transitions between climate chaos and climate calm calm mirror the unpredictable nature of our planet’s future, urging contemplation and action.

Provoking Dialogue and Urging Action

“Climate Crisis” challenges viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about our impact on the environment. Through art, it sparks dialogue and mobilizes communities towards meaningful change.

Climate Chaos from top view
Top view
Climate Chaos from top side view
Climate Chaos from top side view
Climate Chaos from top side view
Side Top View
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