Mythical Creatures


In the vast tapestry of myth and folklore, dragons stand as legendary creatures woven into the fabric of countless cultures across the world. Their presence, powerful and serpentine, sparks the embers of imagination and captivates the hearts of storytellers and dreamers alike. These majestic beings, cloaked in mystery, are endowed with a myriad of features that transcend the borders of reality.

Their sinuous bodies, reminiscent of serpents, undulate with an ethereal grace, while bat-like wings stretch wide, granting them dominion over the skies. The sharp claws and talons, like forged steel, embody their fierce might, and their regal heads bear the adornments of horns and crests, hinting at their noble lineage.

Sister’s Dracorex Ignifera

Mixed Media Sculpture Tray

10 x 16

In the Light

In the Dark

Yet, it is their most iconic attribute that sets them apart in the annals of fantasy—the ability to breathe fire. A fearsome breath, capable of unleashing torrents of searing flames upon foes, igniting the tales of their awe-inspiring power. And in the whispers of ancient lore, dragons are entwined with the allure of hidden treasures, guarding hoards of jewels and precious metals in their lairs, evoking visions of daring quests and untold riches.

Dracorex Ignifera Cannabis

Mixed Media Sculpture

Inspired by “Pete’s Dragon” from my childhood and the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter Paul and Mary. I listened to that on my record player until I wore the vynal out.

But like the multi-faceted gems they protect, dragons bear symbolic meanings that transcend their mortal existence. They can embody the essence of power and wisdom, be the guardians of all that is cherished, or the harbingers of chaos and destruction that test the mettle of heroes.

These mythical creatures know no boundaries, crossing the vast expanse of time and space, manifesting in the tales of Chinese dynasties, European sagas, and the ancient tales of the Middle East. Their allure continues to burn bright, casting shadows upon the modern world of literature, art, and entertainment.

In these stories, dragons fly on the wings of dreams, breathing life into grand adventures, igniting the spirit of heroism and wonder. Their timeless appeal reverberates through the hearts of those who dare to dream, their mythic presence forever etched into the fabric of human imagination.

Dracorex Ignifera Cuntis

Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

11 x 14

Inspired by my obsession with “Game of Thrones

Dracorex Ignifera
Dracorex Ignifera

In the Light

Dracorex Ignifera

In the Dark

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