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The Pennies from Heaven Project

The Pennies from Heaven Project

I love copper and art made form pennies.

Glimpses of Everyday Elegance: Crafting Art from Pennies

This project transforms everyday currency into extraordinary art pieces. Through mixed media sculptures, each artwork captures the elegance and allure of humble pennies.


30 x 20 inch Mixed Media Tabletop

Us Table Top
Us Table Top

Transitioning from Mundane to Magnificent: The Art of Transformation

In this collection, artists breathe new life into discarded coins, transitioning them from mundane to magnificent. Through intricate designs and innovative techniques, each sculpture tells a unique story of transformation and beauty.

Penny Stairs

Mixed Media Steps Resin and Pennies

Elevating the Ordinary: Coins as Mediums of Artistic Expression

Coins serve as versatile mediums for artistic expression, transitioning seamlessly from currency to canvas. Within this collection, viewers witness the elevation of the ordinary, as pennies are sculpted into captivating works of art.


Inviting Reflection: Finding Meaning in Everyday Objects

As viewers engage with the collection, they are invited to reflect on the significance of everyday objects in art. Through art, this project prompts contemplation of value, beauty, and the artistry inherent in the ordinary.

Perpetuating Creativity: The Enduring Legacy of Pennies in Art

It perpetuates the legacy of coins as mediums of creativity and expression in the art world. Through sculpture and mixed media, the collection showcases the enduring beauty and versatility of everyday currency.

Penny Tray

Mixed Media

Penny Tray
Close Up
Penny Tray
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