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The Woods Project

The Woods Project

Step into an enchanting realm of “The Woods Project” where nature meets art. These captivating mixed-media resin and mica abstract images redefine the essence of the woods in a mesmerizing dance of form and luminescence, therefor, seamlessly transitioning between the tangible and the ethereal.

A Symphony of Nature’s Elements

Within each piece of the series, nature’s elements harmonize. As light shifts and shadows play, the dynamic interplay of resin and mica brings forth a symphony of textures and hues. Thus, elegantly capturing the essence of the woods in a captivating visual narrative.

Nightfall’s Radiant Secrets

The magic begins as daylight fades. The Woods Project Series not only captivates with its abstract beauty but transforms as night falls. Thus, creating the eerie night glow of the forest. Seamlessly transitioning from the tangible to the mystical, the glowing elements within each piece reveal radiant secrets. Therefore, turning the woods into an ethereal dreamscape.

Elevating Nature’s Voice

Active voices resonate in the creation of this series, elevating nature’s voice. Through the skillful use of mixed media, viewers are not merely observers but active participants, forging a tangible connection with the vibrant energy of the woods.

Transcendent Wilderness Experience with “The Woods Project”

Venture beyond traditional representations with these abstract woodscapes. Transitioning from the expected to the extraordinary, the active voice in their creation invites viewers to engage with the art actively, fostering a transcendent experience that surpasses the boundaries of conventional nature depictions.

North Carolina

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

North Carolina  under artificial light
In artificial light
North Carolina  under a blacklight
Under a blacklight
North Carolina glowing in the dark
Glowing in the dark
North Carolina Video
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