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The Artemis Moon Project

The Artemis Moon Project

The Artemis Project unfolds a celestial narrative through moon-inspired sculptures and canvases. Crafted with mixed media, including luminous resin and mica, this series invites tactile exploration. Each piece, radiant in the dark, beckons observers to touch, explore, and play with the lunar textures.

Transitioning seamlessly between sculptures and canvases, The Artemis Project immerses the observer in the dynamic allure of the moon. Fingers, as lunar explorers, traverse the textured craters and mica-dusted lunar landscapes, unveiling hidden details. The interactive glow guides the way, transforming each touch into a journey through the mysteries of the moon.

The tactile experience is paramount in The Artemis Project, where observers actively shape their encounter with the lunar-inspired art. The glow activates with every touch, creating an immersive experience that captivates the observer in the beauty of the moon.

The Earth’s moon, a muse for The Artemis Moon Project, becomes an interactive playground. Each sculpture and canvas captures the essence of lunar beauty, merging artistry with the joy of tactile discovery. Through this series, The Artemis Project transcends traditional boundaries, inviting everyone to engage intimately with the radiant moon-inspired creations.

In this hands-on celebration of the moon, The Artemis Project transforms observers into discoverers. The sculptures and canvases, glowing in the dark, offer an enchanting encounter where the wonders of the moon become a dynamic exploration, inviting all to embark on a journey through the captivating lunar landscapes.

Artemis LEM

18 Inch Round Surface Side Table

Lem table top
Artemis Lem table top
Lem table top
Moon Lem table top
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