Artemis 60.2022.001


Visualize a captivating 11 x 14-inch multimedia sculpture on canvas, meticulously crafted to replicate the lunar allure. This piece of art seamlessly blends various media, creating a textured and three-dimensional representation of the moon’s surface.

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Cosmic Fusion: Abstract Moonscape Unveiled

In the realm of “Artemis 60.2022.001,” an abstract moon with a moon emerges, a fusion of mixed media including resin and mica. This masterpiece glows in the dark, inviting touch and exploration.

Interactive Cosmos: Tactile Exploration and Therapeutic Resonance

This abstract lunar creation transcends traditional boundaries. Fingers glide across its textured surface, unlocking a therapeutic journey. “Artemis 60.2022.001” beckons tactile exploration, providing grounding and cosmic connection.

Luminous Reverie: Nighttime Enchantment with Dual Moons

As daylight recedes, luminescent pigments awaken within the resin and mica. The abstract moons transform into radiant displays, revealing celestial charms. The dark backdrop enhances their glow, enveloping observers in tranquil, dual-moon nighttime enchantment.

Tactile Immersion: Beyond Artistic Boundaries

“Artemis 60.2022.001” extends an invitation beyond traditional confines. It becomes an interactive cosmos, urging touch, exploration, and play. The therapeutic essence becomes evident as observers actively engage, finding solace in the cosmic connection.

Artistic Haven: Therapeutic Celestial Retreat with Dual Moons

Step into the cosmic haven of “Artemis 60.2022.001.” Crafted with a fusion of materials, this abstract lunar masterpiece transcends visual aesthetics. Glow-in-the-dark elements enhance its celestial allure, providing a grounding and therapeutic escape. Engage, touch, explore – let the abstract moons be a source of tranquility and creative solace.

In the luminous presence of “Artemis 60.2022.001,” the abstract moon with a moon transforms into an interactive canvas, radiating therapeutic glow. Beyond a visual spectacle, this celestial retreat beckons observers to actively engage, touch, and explore, finding solace and tranquility in the abstract embrace of dual lunar artistry.

This art piece comes with a black light.  

For care instructions please see our FAQ section or our Blog for more details.

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