Comet 23.2023


Imagine a captivating mixed media sculpture portraying the cosmic beauty of a comet. This celestial masterpiece stands as a testament to both artistry and the wonders of the universe.

This sculpture comes with the steampunk stand shown in the video.


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Crafted with a combination of materials such as resin, metal, and luminescent pigments, Comet 23.2023 captures the essence of a comet hurtling through space. Intricate details, textured surfaces, and carefully applied layers contribute to the comet’s dynamic and ethereal appearance. Thus, mesmerizing the viewer with a complex adventure for the eyes. 

Dance with Light

As daylight fades, the sculpture transforms into a mesmerizing display. Ultimately, glowing in the dark. Luminescent elements embedded within the mixed media create a soft and enchanting radiance. Thus, revealing the intricate details of the comet’s tail and nucleus.

This mixed media comet sculpture becomes a symbolic representation of cosmic forces. Ultimately, blending the artistic vision with the mystique of the night sky. Displayed thoughtfully, it serves as a stunning reminder of the boundless beauty found in the cosmos. Thus, inviting viewers to marvel at the celestial dance encapsulated within its radiant form.

Celestial Canvas: Abstract Comet Illuminated

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with “Comet 2.2023,” a captivating 16×20-inch abstract masterpiece. Crafted with mixed media, including resin and mica. Thus, beckoning as a celestial canvas.

Interactive Cosmos: Engaging the Luminous Comet

This abstract marvel transcends conventional art. Ultimately, encouraging tactile exploration. Fingers glide across its textured surface, finally, unveiling a therapeutic journey. It also invites touch, grounding observers in its luminous allure.

Luminous Radiance: Glowing Artistry and Therapeutic Glow

As daylight recedes, luminous pigments within the resin and mica awaken, casting a mesmerizing glow. The abstract comet transforms into a radiant spectacle against the dark backdrop, immersing observers in cosmic beauty.

Tactile Harmony: Beyond Traditional Artistic Limits

“Comet 2.2023” extends an invitation beyond artistic norms, becoming an interactive cosmos. It urges touch, exploration, and play, with therapeutic essence evident as observers actively engage.

Artistic Sanctuary: Therapeutic Celestial Respite

Step into the celestial sanctuary of this art piece. Crafted with a fusion of materials, thus this abstract masterpiece transcends visual aesthetics. Glow-in-the-dark elements enhance its cosmic allure, providing a grounding and therapeutic escape. Engage, touch, explore – let the abstract comet be a source of tranquility and creative solace.

In the radiant presence of this piece, the 16×20-inch abstract comet becomes an interactive canvas. Beyond mere visual spectacle, this celestial journey invites observers to actively engage, touch, and explore, finding solace and tranquility in the luminous embrace of a cosmic masterpiece.


This art piece comes with a black light.  

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