Rings 4.2018


Visualize an captivating 8 by 10 art piece on wood, transporting you to the cosmic wonders of a distant planet embraced by majestic rings. Crafted with an artful blend of mixed media, this creation stands out with its intricate design, featuring large 3D pieces that form the celestial rings.





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Rings 4.2018 is meticulously textured on the wooden canvas, presents a captivating portrayal of cosmic landscapes. The rings, crafted as large and prominent 3D elements, add a layer of dimensionality to the artwork. Thus, creating a dynamic visual effect. The use of mixed media materials further enhances the texture, allowing the viewer to feel the celestial intricacies.

Dance of Light

As the ambient light diminishes, Rings 4.2018 undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. Luminescent pigments embedded within the mixed media elements awaken, causing the artwork to glow in the dark. The rings, now glowing with a subtle radiance, create a celestial spectacle that captures the imagination.

Celestial Marvel of Rings 4.2018

This 8 by 10 art piece on wood becomes a celestial marvel, inviting tactile exploration and visual fascination. Whether admired in daylight or experienced in the gentle glow of darkness, it serves as a testament to the cosmic beauty translated into artistic form.

The Rings Project

Crafted with a mastery of mixed media, “The Space Rings Project” embodies celestial brilliance in abstract ring formations. Thus, creating a new view of this popular celestial phenomena.

Dynamic Fusion: Resin, Mica, Sand, Paints, Grout Unite

The alchemical blend of cosmic elements of resin, mica, sand, paints, and grout make these pieces come to life adn adda 3d element. Thus, making the viewer immersed in an astronomical adventure. 

Glowing Cosmos: Illuminating the Dark

As night falls, the pieces transform into a glowing cosmos. Ultimately, revealing the intricate beauty of abstract rings in the enigmatic darkness.

Cosmic Symphony: Rings in Captivating Motion

Embark on a cosmic symphony as abstract rings swirl in captivating motion. Thus, teasing your eyes with the dynamic dance of celestial bodies.

Tactile Wonder: Touching Galactic Rings

Designed for tactile exploration, touch the galactic rings and feel the textures. Take time to trace the contours, and immerse yourself in cosmic wonder of a tactile piece. Thus, increasing the viewers immersive experience. 

Enchanting Tapestry: A Radiant Celestial Collection

“The Space Rings Project” weaves an enchanting tapestry. It is an expansive collection merging abstract brilliance with the radiant allure of celestial rings. Thus, capturing the imagination of all who interact with these pieces. 

Glowing Resin and Mica: Luminous Elegance

The luminous elegance of resin and mica captivates. Ultimately, creating a radiant display that transcends the boundaries of traditional art.

Textured Embrace: Sand’s Cosmic Contribution

Feel the textured embrace of sand which adds depth and character to each piece. Thus, enhancing the tactile experience.

Abstract Dance: Rings in Cosmic Motion

Witness the abstract dance of space rings and capture the perpetual motion and fluidity of the cosmos in every artful creation.

Immersive Radiance: Glowing Rings Illuminate Space

Immerse yourself in the immersive radiance as glowing rings illuminate space. Bring an otherworldly aura to your surroundings.  

Cosmic Elegance: A Dazzling Display

“The Space Rings Project” culminates in cosmic elegance. It is a dazzling display that merges abstract creativity with the celestial wonders of the universe. Thus, making all those who experience these pieces new fans of astronomy.

Luminous Legacy: Reshaping Artistic Boundaries

This luminescent series reshapes artistic boundaries. Ultimately, leaving a luminous legacy that invites viewers to explore the cosmos within the confines of their own space.


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