Souvenirs From Vegas


Envision a chilling 10 by 10 inch horror art piece that explores the unnerving concept of a souvenir box from the Good Doctor, purportedly containing a kidney for transplant. The scene is set with a mysterious box, delicately adorned with symbols reminiscent of a sinister medical experience.  

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Souvenirs From Vegas


This 12 by 12 inch packing box of Souvenirs from Vegas is meticulously crafted to resemble structural precision reminiscent of the doctor’s dark fascination with anatomical secrets. Within the transparent confines of the box, butcher paper is adorned by a fresh kidney. Thus, emitting a visceral response. 

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Dim lighting casts shadows upon the eyes, heightening the eerie atmosphere. Thus, it prompts viewers to confront the uncanny implications of the box’s contents. Therefore, provoking a visceral response and challenging perceptions of medical ethics and the boundaries of the human experience.

What did she do?

This horror art piece serves as a psychological exploration. Thus, it invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of medical curiosity and the macabre. All while also, seamlessly maintaining a sense of mystery and terror. Displayed with care, it is a provocative conversation starter on the fringes of medical horror and urban legends. Therefore, making the viewer doubt everything they once believed. 

Who is she?

Dim lighting adds an unsettling ambiance. This emphasizes the shadows cast upon the organs thus, making the piece feel more real than it should. The piece invites one to contemplate on the darker aspects of the life of a doctor and their stress reducing hobbes.


She is the Good Doctor 


Sinister Inspiration: Neil Gaiman’s Enigmatic Character

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s character from the Sandman comics, “The Good Doctor” sculpture project delves into the sinister world of the enigmatic doctor.

Mixed Media Mastery: Resin, Mica, Latex, Sand, Glass

Crafted with finesse, each sculpture showcases mixed media mastery—resin, mica, latex, sand, and glass converge to bring the character to life.

Souvenirs of Death: Representing Dark Experiences

Every piece is a narrative of dark experiences. The sculptures, adorned with souvenirs from kills, serve as haunting testaments to the character’s deadly encounters.

Interactive Exploration: Touching the Darkness

Designed for interactive exploration, each sculpture invites you to touch the darkness. Feel the textures, trace the details, and immerse yourself in the tangible representation of The Good Doctor’s grim journey.

Conclusion: A Dark Tapestry Unveiled

“The Good Doctor” sculpture project weaves a dark tapestry, unraveling the character’s tales through art. With each piece, the malevolence and complexity of The Good Doctor come to life in an immersive and haunting collection.

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