Walls: Kyiv


Imagine a breathtaking 3D 18 by 24 inch painting capturing the essence of a street art graffiti wall. This remarkable artwork not only comes to life with vivid details but also possesses the unique ability to glow in the dark, creating a dynamic visual experience. 

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“Walls: Kyiv” is an 18 by 24 inch captivating art piece that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. It features a miniature brick wall meticulously crafted from a blend of mixed media, resin, mica, and sand on canvas. It is then adorned with abstract street art. Therefore, it serves as a unique urban canvas, covered in vibrant street art and graffiti, and possesses the enchanting ability to glow in the dark. Thus, creating a dynamic interplay of light and darkness.

The canvas, carefully textured with sand to emulate the gritty feel of real brick. Thus, it becomes the foundation for these miniature urban landscapes. Layers of resin add a lustrous finish. Therefore, inviting viewers to appreciate the tactile details of the brick walls. The integration of mica further enhances the textural complexity, reflecting light in subtle patterns and adding depth to the surfaces.

The heart of “Walls: Kyiv” lies in the vibrant street art and graffiti that adorns each miniature scene. With the use of diverse colors, abstract forms, and intricate detailing, The Alchemist Artist skillfully employs mixed media to capture the essence of urban expression. It tells a distinct story, drawing inspiration from the raw energy and diversity of street art found in real-world cityscapes.

As daylight fades, a magical transformation occurs within the “Walls” series. The phosphorescent pigments embedded in the artwork come alive, casting a soft, captivating glow that illuminates the street art and graffiti. The miniature brick walls, once static, now radiate with an ethereal luminescence, inviting viewers into a nocturnal realm where the urban landscapes take on a new, dynamic character.

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