Galaxy 9.2023


Imagine an extraordinary 11 x 14 resin and mica art piece on canvas that transports you into the depths of the cosmos. Meticulously crafted, this captivating artwork captures the essence of a distant galaxy, utilizing the unique properties of resin and mica to create a stunning and otherworldly visual experience.

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Celestial Symphony: Abstract Galaxy Unveiled in Cosmic Hues

“Galaxy 9.2023” invites you into the cosmic expanse—a mesmerizing 11×14-inch abstract portrayal of a galaxy in space. Crafted with mixed media, this celestial marvel beckons exploration.

Tactile Celestial Ballet: Engaging with the Abstract Galaxian Canvas

Dive into the tactile wonders of “Galaxy 9.2023,” an abstract masterpiece that transcends traditional art boundaries. Made from mixed media, including resin and mica, it actively encourages touch and interactive exploration.

Glowing Celestial Dreams: Illumination Beyond the Night Sky

As darkness descends, luminescent pigments concealed within the resin and mica components awaken. “Galaxy 9.2023” transforms into a radiant spectacle, mirroring the ethereal glow of a galaxy in the dark expanse of space.

Grounding Artistry: Therapeutic Exploration of Celestial Realms

Beyond its visual allure, “Galaxy 9.2023” embodies therapeutic qualities. This abstract representation of a galaxy invites touch, exploration, and play, grounding observers in the profound beauty of the celestial realms.

Celestial Conversations: Active Engagement with Abstract Galaxies

The 11×14-inch canvas of “Galaxy 9.2023” hosts a dynamic interplay of materials, capturing the essence of a galaxy in space. Actively engage with this abstract masterpiece—touch its textured surface and embark on a tactile journey through celestial wonders.

In the presence of this piece, an 11×14-inch abstract portrayal of a galaxy in space, the cosmic ballet unfolds. A tactile experience crafted from mixed media, this celestial marvel invites touch, exploration, and play, promising both visual and therapeutic richness for those who engage with its radiant splendor.

This art piece comes with a black light.  

For care instructions please see our FAQ section or our Blog for more details.


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