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The City Project

The City Project

Cityscapes Illuminated

Step into a world where cityscapes come alive with our City Project Series. These mixed-media resin and mica abstract images transcend traditional art, capturing the essence of urban landscapes in a luminous dance.

Abstract Illumination

Each piece in the series is a symphony of abstraction, skillfully crafted with a blend of resin and mica. The dynamic interplay of materials creates a visual narrative that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a fresh perspective on city life.

Sharon’s City

11 x 14 Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

Sharon's City in natural light
Sharon’s City in natural light
Sharon's City glowing in the dark
Glowing in the dark

Glowing in the Dark

As day transitions into night, the magic unfolds. These cityscapes not only captivate with their abstract beauty but also come alive in the dark. The glowing elements add an enchanting quality, turning each piece into a nocturnal masterpiece.

A Tapestry of Transitions

The City Project Series captures the city’s heartbeat in a tapestry of transitions. From the hustle and bustle of daytime scenes to the serene glow of nocturnal reflections, each artwork takes you on a journey through the various moods of urban existence.

Sharon’s City Video

Urban Exploration Redefined

Venture beyond the conventional with these abstract cityscapes. The active voice in their creation invites viewers to engage with the art actively, forging a connection between the observer and the vibrant energy of city life.

Transcending Boundaries

In the luminous glow of the City Project Series, boundaries blur. The active interplay of resin and mica invites tactile exploration, breaking down the barrier between the viewer and the artwork. It’s a multisensory experience that transcends traditional artistic limits.

LBJ’s Other City

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

LBJ's Other City in the light
LBJ’s Other City in the light
LBJ's Other City glowing in the dark
LBJ’s Other City glowing in the dark

Glimpses of Familiarity

While abstract in form, the series offers glimpses of familiarity. Iconic city elements emerge in unexpected ways, inviting viewers to discern the urban landscape through a new lens. The active voice in this reinterpretation sparks curiosity and contemplation.

LBJ’s City

11 x 14 inch Mixed Media Resin and Mica on Canvas

LBJ's City in the light
LBJ’s City in the light
LBJ's City glowing in the dark
LBJ’s City glowing in the dark

Nocturnal Conversations

As night falls, these abstract cityscapes engage in a nocturnal conversation. The glowing elements not only add visual appeal but also create an ambiance that encourages a deeper connection with the art. It’s a dialogue that unfolds in the quiet moments of darkness.

Digital Art

Skullscraper Bound

Skullscraper Bound
Skullscraper Bound



Dynamic Urban Narratives

Each piece in the City Project Series tells a dynamic urban narrative. The transitions, the glow, the abstract forms – all come together to narrate stories of city life. It’s an active storytelling through art, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with the ever-changing urban canvas.


In the luminescent realm of our City Project Series, urban landscapes find a new voice. These mixed-media resin and mica abstracts redefine the way we perceive and experience city life. With their glowing allure and dynamic narratives, each artwork invites you to participate actively in the ever-evolving story of the city.

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