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The Carnivore Project

The Carnivore Project

Unveiling the Abstract Marvel

Capturing attention with its enigmatic allure, “Carnivore” is a mixed-media bowl that transcends conventional artistic boundaries. Crafted from a fusion of resin, plaster, latex, mica, and various other mediums, this sculpture invites viewers into a realm where imagination takes root.

A Symphony of Materials

In the heart of “Carnivore” lies a symphony of materials, meticulously orchestrated to bring forth a tactile and visually stimulating experience. Resin, with its glossy transparency, harmonizes with the textural richness of plaster, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Carnivore Back View
10 x 9 x 11 inch Mixed Media Sculpture Bowl

Journey into the Unknown

Embarking on a visual journey, spectators find themselves transported to an otherworldly landscape. The alien aesthetic of “Carnivore” sparks the imagination, prompting reflections on the diversity of life forms that could exist beyond our familiar terrestrial boundaries.

Carnivore Bottom View
Bottom View

Eyes that Speak

Gazing upon the sculpture, one is immediately drawn to the myriad eyes that punctuate its form. These watchful orbs, skillfully integrated into the composition, add a layer of mystique, inviting contemplation on the nature of perception and observation.

Transitioning Realms

As one moves around the sculpture, the interplay of materials and forms dynamically shifts, creating an ever-changing visual narrative. This transition between realms, facilitated by the sculpture’s multidimensional design, captivates observers and encourages them to explore different perspectives.

Teeth of Intricacy

Among the defining features of “Carnivore” are its intricate teeth, protruding boldly and evoking a sense of primal energy. The choice of materials for these dental elements adds a tactile dimension, encouraging tactile exploration and engagement with the sculpture.

Carnivore Side View
Side View

A Kaleidoscope of Emotion

The amalgamation of materials and the intricate detailing in “Carnivore” evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions. From awe to curiosity, each observer is likely to experience a unique emotional journey, resonating with the sculptor’s intention to elicit diverse reactions.

Active Engagement with Art

Breaking away from the passive observer mold, “Carnivore” beckons viewers to actively engage with its form and texture. The tactile elements invite touch, transforming the act of observation into a multisensory experience.

Carnivore Side View
Side View


In the realm of sculptural art, “Carnivore” stands as a testament to creative innovation and the boundless possibilities of mixed media. With its alien charm, dynamic transitions, and sensory allure, this sculpture invites all to partake in a visual adventure beyond the ordinary.

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