Artemis 1.2018 Glow Poster


Limited edition 8.5 x 11 inch signed print.

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Poster Renaissance: A Visual Tapestry Unveiled

Embark on a visual journey through reprinted posters, showcasing the fusion of activism, astronomy, and mixed media.

Captivating Snapshots: Reprinted Photography Poster Collection

Indulge in captivating snapshots, transformed into stunning poster reprints—a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

Digital Art Elegance: Reprints as Modern Masterpieces

Experience the elegance of reprinted digital art, breathing new life into activism-inspired visuals that demand attention.

Sculptural Echoes: Reprinted Sculpture Imagery on Display

Explore the echoes of my sculptures reimagined as posters—an art form transcending dimensions.

Cosmic Chronicles: Astronomy’s Influence in Reprinted Posters

Delve into cosmic realms with posters influenced by astronomy, capturing celestial wonders and sparking curiosity.

Activism Unveiled: Visual Narratives in Poster Reprints

Witness activism unfold in visual narratives—reprinted posters that echo the voice of social change.

Revel in a poster renaissance that unveils the essence of my mixed media art. The captivating snapshots of my photography collection find new life as stunning reprints, weaving visual tales that demand attention. Digital art takes center stage, elegantly reproduced in modern masterpieces that evoke emotion and contemplation. Sculptural echoes resonate through reprinted imagery, turning my three-dimensional creations into accessible art for all. Explore cosmic realms with posters inspired by astronomy, capturing the beauty of celestial wonders and stirring the imagination.

In the realm of activism, my reprinted posters become powerful visual narratives—each piece echoing the voice of social change. These posters are not merely decorations; they are windows into worlds shaped by activism and astronomy. Indulge in a visual tapestry that transcends the ordinary—a collection of reprinted posters that stand as modern masterpieces, telling stories of our cosmos and advocating for a brighter, more aware world


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