Explorer 1


Envision an 11 by 14-inch art piece that serves as a captivating homage to universal exploration. Crafted with a mix of media, this celestial masterpiece captures the essence of space exploration. Nebulaic swirls, distant galaxies, and cosmic hues intertwine, creating a visually stunning representation of the vast and mysterious universe.


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Celestial Voyage: Abstract Spaceship Orbits the Moon

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with “Explorer 1,” an 11×14-inch abstract masterpiece depicting a spaceship orbiting the moon. This mixed-media marvel, crafted with resin and mica, transcends traditional boundaries.

Interactive Cosmic Canvas: The Allure of Tactile Exploration

“Explorer 1” transcends the conventional, beckoning observers to engage in tactile exploration. With mixed media intricacies, including resin and mica, this abstract spaceship invites touch, promising an interactive journey.

Lunar Radiance: Glowing Odyssey in the Dark

As daylight yields to darkness, hidden luminescent pigments within the resin and mica emerge. “Explorer 1” transforms into a radiant spectacle, its abstract spaceship glowing against the lunar backdrop, offering a cosmic allure.

Beyond Vision: The Therapeutic Essence of Abstract Exploration

More than a visual experience, “Explorer 1” becomes a therapeutic odyssey. It encourages touch, exploration, and play, emphasizing the grounding essence inherent in its abstract depiction of a spaceship orbiting the moon.

Orbital Harmony: Art in Motion and Therapeutic Touch

The 11×14-inch canvas of unveils a dynamic interplay of materials, capturing the spirit of a spaceship’s orbit. Engage actively with this abstract masterpiece, touch its textured surface, and feel the therapeutic resonance within each exploration.

In the mesmerizing presence of “Explorer 1,” an 11×14-inch abstract depiction of a spaceship orbiting the moon, the cosmic odyssey becomes an interactive experience. Beyond visual aesthetics, this mixed-media masterpiece encourages tactile exploration, promising therapeutic grounding and an immersive journey into the cosmos.

This art piece comes with a black light.  

For care instructions please see our FAQ section or our Blog for more details.


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