Butterfly Bones


Envision an intriguing and macabre sculpture that takes the form of a butterfly, crafted from an assortment of bones, skulls, and mixed media. The sculpture emanates an eerie beauty as it subtly glows in the dark, casting an otherworldly radiance over its intricate details.


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The most humbling experience I have had outside of being a mom, was creating an incredible butterfly garden. I started with seeds and eventuality, over several seasons, I was able to experience a few seasons of the Monarch Life cycle. There is both joy and pain caring for butterfly babies from egg to death. Thus, My butterfly art honors this experience.


Does a Butterfly Have Bones?


The delicate wings of  “Butterfly Bones” piece are meticulously fashioned from an array of mixed media beads. Each one contributes to the dark beauty of the piece. Strategically placed skulls form the body, creating a central focal point that adds a touch of dark elegance and complexity. Mixed media elements complement the skeletal structure, enhancing the sculpture’s depth and texture.


Butterfly Bones Display


This unique creation presents within a shadow box measuring 16 x 30 inches and several inches deep. The shadow box serves as a frame, enclosing the Butterfly Bones sculpture within a contained space. Thus, allowing viewers to peer into the intricate details without physical contact. The depth of the shadow box contributes to the three-dimensional aspect of the piece. Therefore, creating a captivating and immersive display.




The subtle glow in the dark accentuates the eerie ambiance, turning the sculpture into a captivating and hauntingly beautiful work of art. Displayed on a wall or tabletop, this bone butterfly sculpture becomes a conversation piece, inviting viewers to contemplate the fusion of life and death in a visually compelling and thought-provoking manner.


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