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The Galaxy Project

In the vast cosmic tapestry, galaxies are the celestial cities of the universe, each one a mesmerizing oasis of stars, gas, and dust.

The Slice of the Universe Project

Step into my world of art, where astronomy photos come alive through a unique blend of materials. With resins, plaster, latex, sand, micas, and metals, I craft reimagined celestial scenes that hold a touch of magic.

The Urban Portal Unveiled Project

“Urban Portal Unveiled” is an extraordinary abstract 3D art piece that masterfully blends resin, mica, and mixed media to create a striking composition reminiscent of an urban brick wall adorned with vibrant graffiti.

The Far Out Planets Project

Ah, the planets, these cosmic wanderers adrift in the vast ocean of space, beckoning our curiosity and imagination. Each one, a world unto itself, with its own unique story to tell.

The Artemis Moon Project

It’s truly wonderful how the moon’s enigmatic beauty can inspire such deep fascination and creativity in people. The moon has captivated human imagination for centuries, and its various phases, illuminations, and shadows offer endless opportunities for artistic expression. My partner is the moon of my life <3.

The Solar Flare Project

The canvas of The Solar Flare Project’s pieces are textured with precision. Utilizing resin to craft a tactile experience that mirrors the intensity of solar activity. Thus, creating both a tactile and visual experience.

The Rings Project

The planetary rings, these ephemeral and ethereal wonders of our cosmic stage, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, much like a symphony of celestial beauty.