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The Portrait of Imperialism Project

The Portrait of Imperialism Project

Resting on a silver tray adorned with coins and gem-like fragments, the sculpture encapsulates the dehumanizing aspects of a commodified existence. The horrific imagery is intentional. Thus, invoking the historical reality where human lives were treated as possessions. Thus, forcing the observer to feel the pain of someone subjected to the whims of those who deemed them property.

This art piece invites viewers to confront the deep-seated trauma of the past. Therefore, serves as a catalyst for empathy and awareness. This piece encourages dialogue about the historical impact of slavery while emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and learning from our shared history. Thus, it is a powerful educational tool. I literally had a client attack me verbally and quit my practice due to me posting a picture of this piece. 

The Portrait of Imperialism top view close up top off
Close of Top View Top off
The Portrait of Imperialism back view
Back View
The Portrait of Imperialism front face close up
The Portrait of Imperialism front face close up

The Portrait of Imperialism

A Portrait of Imperialism Series delves into the impact of imperialism on on minorities and Native cultures.   This powerful series portrays the agony of cultural rape through sculptures and canvases. Carefully crafted with mixed media, including resin, latex, woods, gemstones, plaster, glass and mica, these interactive pieces transcend mere observation. Thus, compelling observers to touch, explore, and play with the tangible expressions of historical and contemporary imperialistic influence.

An immersive experience…

Transitioning between sculptures and canvases, this series unveils narratives of struggle. Your fingers become tactile storytellers, navigating the textured surfaces portraying the profound impact on marginalized communities. The interactive glow guides this tactile exploration, transforming each touch into an empathetic connection with the global repercussions of imperialism.

The tactile experience is paramount in this art series, urging observers to actively engage with the evocative narratives. The glow intensifies with each touch, emphasizing the urgency of understanding and addressing the consequences faced by those affected by imperialistic forces.

The Importance of Empathy

A Portrait of Imperialism becomes the focal point of this immersive exploration, an unflinching gaze at historical and contemporary struggles. Each sculpture and canvas captures the essence of societal shifts. Thus, merging artistry with the visceral experience of navigating the intricate stories of impacted communities. Through this series, A Portrait of Imperialism transcends traditional boundaries, compelling everyone to engage intimately with the radiant, thought-provoking creations that portray the complexities of imperialism.

In this profound exploration, this series transforms observers into witnesses of historical and ongoing narratives. The sculptures and canvases, offer a deep dive into the complexities of imperialism. Thus, inviting all to delve into the tactile, thought-provoking narratives unveiled by the grandeur of the artistic commentary. The interactive elements enhance the journey, compelling observers to reflect on the far-reaching impacts of imperialism, hands-on and up close.

The story unfolds—a portrayal of the clash, where the greed of the southern tribe fueled violence. Explosive powder and steel, sold by strangers, altered the fate of the northern tribe. Victors rewrote history, leaving the northern people nameless, inheritors of nothing—all for gold. A grim reminder, immortalized in the sculptures and canvases, as A Portrait of Imperialism Series chronicles the enduring echoes of imperialism’s relentless grip on the world.

The Portrait of Imperialism front face close up
Front Face Close Up
The Portrait of Imperialism back close up
Back Close Up
The Portrait of Imperialism top view
Top View
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